Book Reviewers Needed

Well, I officially bit the bullet and self-published through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Now comes the hard part, getting book lovers to read your story. That is where I need your help. I am looking for open-minded readers to review my book and help me promote. 

If you are interested in reading my story, please use the contact form or leave me a comment below. 

Book Info:

1800 word short story

Creative Non-Fiction

Does include sexual content 

Book Summary:

One wife and mothers’ engaging sexual drama of how tangled our lives can become in the web of social media relationships when we allow ourselves to become weaved looking for love, self-assurance and affection.  How one innocent message can lead our lives down a path of self-destruction.

Spooky, Goblin Ghost Cupcakes


I am a sucker for holidays. There really isn’t any holiday that I don’t enjoy or that I don’t like making crafts or food for.

But for me, Halloween is one of my favorites.  It is such a fun holiday. It’s a day when you can pretend to be anything or anybody you want, even if it’s just for a night! How many chances in the real world do we get to be someone else for a day?

Of course, then the real challenge comes into play, deciding on just one character.

I usually don’t decorate much for Halloween, mostly for the fact that my Love of Fall takes over. My daughter uses the expression that “Fall threw up on our porch” haha!  Sorry, I might go into Fall overload! It’s a southern thing.

But to satisfy my need to recognize all holidays I normally do a small few things in the house. That includes a few minimal decorations and of course, a few yummy treats which I have always enjoyed making for Halloween parties.  But I do go all out decorating for Halloween events. That makes up for my lack of decor at home right?


For this Halloween, I wanted to share this adorable cupcake idea with you! These spooky, goblin ghosts are a perfect addition to any Halloween gathering this year.

Here is what you need:

2 cups sugar
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 sticks real butter (1 cup)
1 cup water
1/4 cup of Hershey Syrup or 4 tbs of cocoa ( whichever you prefer)
1/2 cup buttermilk (or 1/2 milk with a teaspoon of white vinegar mixed in)
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla ( I prefer 1/2 tsp vanilla paste)

Mix and bring the butter cocoa and water to a boil
Pour mixture over sugar and flour
Beat well
Add the remaining ingredients and mix well
Fill cupcake pans almost 3/4 way full
Bake at 350 for 15-20

I love this super easy icing. I can eat a bowl by its self!

1 container of marshmallow cream 6-8 oz
1 cup butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla (I prefer 1/2 paste)

Beat softened butter and powdered sugar until fluffy (no lumps)
Add in marshmallow cream and vanilla
Mix together by hand

To make the ghosts I simply add frosting in piping bag and swirl up on cupcakes. For the eyes, I use sugar eyes found in your baking aisle.


I hope you enjoy these ghostly treats and Happy Halloween!

Hi Y’all

Hi Y’all,

I’m Miranda, a quirky 30 Something Bookworm, Vegetarian, Coffee Lover, Bibliophile Addict and Animal Obsessor.

Oh okay, I’m 39, and yes I am very quirky. There is definitely not another me out there, which the universe should be thanking God for. (:  I have been a vegetarian for 13 years. I would say vegan but I do eat cheese!  Sorry, I love cheese!!!  And BUTTER!  Butter is my friend, seriously my friend.

I am a Freelance Writer/Editor and Student. Yes, I’m a student even though I am dinosaur age, which takes me to my next love, COFFEE!!  I function only with an IV of coffee running through my veins.

It is true, I am a bibliophile addict; I might need an intervention soon. Or so my husband says!

And well animal obsessor, yikes, I’m not even sure if obsessor is a strong enough word for my love for all creatures. Okay, maybe not snakes, oh and brown recluse spiders.

I am completely obsessed with my Shih Tzu Johnny Cash, AKA Cashy.  He is my lifeline. He completes me!  I told you I am obsessed.

I am a married to my sexy, bearded man with three children. I am a homeschool parent who waited until my kids were in High School and could maintain self-sufficient homeschooling before I decided to chase my dreams.

I live in a very rural area where County Fairs are the highlight of the year; Friday Night Football is an absolute must, and you see more cows as you drive down the road than people.

Who I am kidding, there are cows everywhere and did I mention turkeys and chickens in my backyard?

Join this booknerd as I look at life through my glasses lens….

Miranda (2)