Charity Auctions Today: Art for the Children

Charity Auctions Today.png

Charity and Mission work is close to my heart.

I am part of a Mission Team that travels to Guatemala yearly for medical mission work and to serve at a local orphanage. My heart is full of compassion for this type of work and I love to be able to serve those who are so accepting of any love that humanity is willing to show.

Because of this type of missions that I am involved in, I am always looking for opportunities to help organizations and non-profits, whether it is physically or monetary, and this is how I came across Charity Auctions Today, online auctions made easy.

When I first stumbled upon Charity Auctions Today site, I was pleasantly surprised at how this mobile fundraising auction was organized.

CAT features:

CAT is the only charity auction platform that will let you try out every feature they offer before you commit to using. That’s how confident they are in the platforms they offer.

But I think that what I love the most is that you can run your auction through your Facebook Page. Great way for added exposure. Your Facebook fans can do all their bidding from inside Facebook.

And because of the great layout, I was able to locate rather quickly the auction organization that I would like to be involved in by bidding on items up for auction.


The Children of the Arts Gala, which is part of Medical Missions Fundations, has been raising support for Medical Missions Foundation for over 20 years. By browsing and bidding on our unique selection of art, items brought back from our missions, and fun experiences, you will be supporting the critical work of Medical Missions Foundation.

Wow, this definitely hits close to home for me. Medical Mission, children, and art all put into one category was a total no-brainer for supporting this amazing organization.

Thank you, Charity Auctions Today for creating such an easy to navigate auction site that works wonders for non-profit and charities.